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Let Your Walls Tell A Story

Murals by Inspired Realms can completely transform a space by creating new realms unique to each person, family, business and home. Contact Inspired Realms now to get started on an exciting endeavor together! 

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Mythical Portals into a Year and a Day

These patrons wanted four murals to surround the center structure in their home as enticing landscapes that progressed through the seasons as well as the light of day to night. Jumping off this starting point, Katrina was granted their trust and freedom to create these unique and enchanting portals into four different realms filled with mythical creatures and idyllic natural settings.

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A Fairytale Playroom

This enchanting playroom was so much fun to design and create.  From a beanstalk to track the children's growing height to a magical tree, this room is poised to push young imaginations. Surrounded by faux stone walls that frame the portals to scenes with dragons and all manner of mythical creatures and legend, adventure is ever present.

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"Geek" Home

This "geek" home, as named by the homeowners, features five different rooms, each with a different theme.  The living room has a stone archway with the Celtic tree of life inscription.  The hedge wall surrounding it has small surprises, such as the hidden fairy door and the labyrinth worm to welcome them home.
One boy's bedroom has a medieval theme with a knight standing guard and a flying dragon.  The door features a small lookout door, while the attached bathroom(privy) also features painted accents.
The main bathroom door is transformed into a tardis for the Doctor Who fans of the home.
The kitchen is comic book themed with such a fun twist. The villains, featured on one side, are led by a medieval Poison Ivy.  The heroes lining the other side are led by a steampunk Batman.  They all meet in the middle above the sink at the character clock. 
The other boy's bedroom has a unique closet that was transformed into a desk space. The walls feature a Mario level and characters.

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Tuscany Awaits

This home was already full of charm, but the patrons found these iron window gates that were in need of murals with beautiful views. With a Tuscan inspired landscape, the surrounding walls are a faux stucco texture like an aged Villa.  The room is now a perfect space to visit over a glass of wine!

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Gargoyles and Legends

This home is full of myth and legend with gargoyles to guard over the living room and a nursery full of various lore to spark the young imaginations.

Murals: Gallery
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