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A Viking's Worth

A Viking's Worth

"Viking" holds different meanings to many pertaining to the culture, the history, the religion, the people as a whole.  This piece is just one of those personal interpretations and impressions of what Viking means, so please take that into consideration.  It explores the roles and how they all nod to each other as a people to work together and for each other.  The farmers cultivate the land and would defend it with honor as the past generations have when needed.  Others, warriors and shieldmaidens, set sail for new destinations, exploring and/or raiding, either coming back to their homeland or conquering new lands to claim.  Odin watches over all, through the eyes of Huginn and Muninn, and the people as a whole, honor the Gods, despite their differences.  The dream of Valhalla brings a deep honor and connection to those fallen, to those fighting, to those honoring and cultivating the culture.   The shields of generations past reflect thatbeyond the violence and discontent between, there is a deep-seeded respect and freedom in belonging to the same realm of "Viking".

  • Important note from the Artist

    This is a print of the acrylic painting on canvas. *Frame and mat not included
    Prints are on acid free archival paper, meaning they are high quality prints that will defy fading. I print at home and send them in clear protective sleeves with cardboard backing. They are shipped in sturdy flat envelopes.
    Please do not copy, distribute, reproduce or use my work without my permission.
    Purchases of artwork or prints do not entitle the buyer to reproductive rights.

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