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To push yourself to go beyond your limits is the ultimate feat in life. To reach for your dreams and to climb those impossible cliffs to get there is never and should never be easy. That climb is what molds us and what drives us further when we remember what we have endured and overcome so far. You'll notice the woman in the painting made it up that far but is on the wrong side of the waterfall to get to the ledges that lead to the tree at the top. Yet, she does not despair. Instead, she is embracing the height she has conquered and the beauty that surrounds her at that height. The triskele symbol in the background symbolizes the personal and spiritual growth within every life. Whether it is a triskele or a dragonfly, you will see different symbols for progression and transformation in my artwork

  • Important note from the Artist

    This is a print of the acrylic painting on canvas. *Frame and mat not included
    Prints are on acid free archival paper, meaning they are high quality prints that will defy fading. I print at home and send them in clear protective sleeves with cardboard backing. They are shipped in sturdy flat envelopes.
    Please do not copy, distribute, reproduce or use my work without my permission.
    Purchases of artwork or prints do not entitle the buyer to reproductive rights.

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